The "DB" in db promotions derives from Denyer Brothers (DB Health).

DB Health was originally founded in 1889 by two brothers manufacturing surgical equipment based in Melbourne. The business then expanded from its original base to Sydney supplying a diverse range of quality medical goods and equipment throughout Australia.

DB Health is the market leader in supplying hospital patient identification wristbands.

db promotions supplies a wide range of high quality VIP style wristbands.

Thinking Green
Here at db promotions, we pride ourselves on being green.
All products featured are recyclable. The waste plant for recycling is dependent on the area you wish to access. Seek waste plants that recycle high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and plastics or simple polyester.

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Phone number: (02) 9638 2100
Email: james@denyer.com.au

Street Address:
DB Health
Unit 17 38-46 South Street,
NSW 2116



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